Halloween and the Very Little Girl.

When I was a very very little girl, on a spooky Halloween night, my two aunts took me trick or treating. No street lights on the road. Bumpy cement side walk to trip on. The sky was pitch black, no moon, no stars. The dimly lit homes were set way back from the road.  A few cut pumpkins with faintly glowing eyes  lead me to the porch. The winds were howling and I was cold. And as I said, I was VERY VERY little. VERY VERY little and VERY VERY scared

All that I remember from that fearful night long ago was bloody bones!

Was it my aunts or something dreadfully eerie from another dimension that WANTED to hold my hand? Two apparitions draped all in white, flesh moldy and rotten, wound about their neck, waist and wrists hung real, really true, meaty-bloody bones!

It was enough to become a vegetarian!

Halloween is a bit different today.   

Pumpkins still to carve, they seem to grow larger and larger each season.

Slimy, slinky, sinewy, slippery, stringy globs of seeds.


They said I had to wait..........


from a very very small Funny Bunny!


cheryl said…
What a delightful post! I love how you described your early Halloween. I'd be scared to. It looks like a great Halloween party and your grandkids are darling. And I'm very impressed by the pumpkin carvings!
Mateo said…
That's the way....walking up to scary doors, the anticipation of what's lurking behind...the slowly opening door. Well, here in Singapore it's different too. Just go out to the American enclave, walk the streets and candy is thrown at costumed (and many times not even costumed) children. We greatly miss the door-opening thrill!!