Mom always loved to tell me when I was a "little" that I received my darker, olive complexion because we lived near an
Native American reservation.

 My eyes always linger on those fortunate to have skin the color of Copper, Burnt Siena, Umber, Gold Oxide, Bronze
with blushes of Crimson.  

Working in a large journal these two women spilled out and onto the pages.  My references are photos I have taken.

Watercolor paper, Stablio pencil, willow charcoal, chalk pastel........

Recycled post office mailer, gesso with lots of texture, umber acrylic wash, Stablio pencil, willow charcoal, 
chalk pastel.

Working on a very rough texture was a challenge, but I liked the final result....

Two little offerings from my very messy studio table.

Heart Thought: could it be for the better if the entire earth's population were a warm honey color?  Could there be more peace and less class division? Just something to think about.


Stephanie said…
These are such beautiful daughter is blessed with that incredible olive skin compliments of her father.

Geri Centonze said…
I love the rough effect on the recycled mailer! Gorgeous.
Brenda said…
Gorgeous faces. With great heart and personality. Amazing as always, your ability to create unique human beings - people I would want to meet.
Marcie said…
These are such lovely faces - no matter the color of their skin. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Love these (and your story to go with!!!0>
Kim Henkel said…
These are very beautiful faces! Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question.
eb said…
these are
beautiful faces
everything you touch

xox - eb.