Heirloom Tomatoes

Oh, do we LOVE vine ripened tomatoes.  
There was a time, long long ago, before the invention of squirrels, that we grew our own tomatoes.
I still dream of those huge, plump, sweet, juicy, flavor with a punch, tomatoes. 
Now we rely on a great Farmer's Stand down the road.
 Toasted sourdough bread, warm, a bit of butter and mayo, top with thick, luscious tomato slices.
A touch of avocado is nice also and a twist of Himalayan Pink Salt. 
Squish together, wrap in a napkin, and let the juices flow.
Heaven, Heaven I say.

The opening sketch is all about
Linguine a la Olives.
(Sorry I don't make my own pasta, I just draw or photograph it.)
And for the sauce, it is beyond easy.
Heirloom tomatoes or plum, olive oil, garlic, Pink Salt, big pinch of parsley, small dash of dried chili pepper
finally, slice up those Kalamata olives and plunk them in.  
If your pasta went missing in the cupboard, toast sourdough bread and 
lather it on.
I cook just about the same way I paint...just go for it.  More fun seeing how it all turns out!

 I don't have a particularly great track record, but do have fun!


seabluelens said…
Oh, this makes me long for homegrown tomatoes! Those hard red balls they call tomatoes in the supermarket bear little resemblance to the real thing. I laughed at your "before the invention of squirrels" remark - I know exactly what you mean!
Brenda G. said…
Oh, you made me salivate just reading your description and viewing your images. Nothing better than homegrown tomatoes - I can remember them straight from my grandmother's garden.