A Little Table Clutter

Do you ever get a wee bit bored doing what you are expected to do?
Not just dishes, laundry, chauffeuring, picking up..
Do you ever get bored doing your creative pursuits and feel like you are in a rut of some sort?

Preparing for our art show a few weeks ago I was thoroughly tired of painting on canvas, framing, labeling, etc. Tired and bored, all inspiration used up.

Passing that hurdle....VACATION...came to mind.

Here is where I went:

To a very messy table, and it is going to stay that way for a LONG time, until I get duly BORED again.

Anthropologie has some really cool Indian inspired collage papers, all glued together to form a sheet. (see blue paper patterns in upper left corner)  Well that started it, plus taking an on-line class with Katie Kendrick, all about faces.

My VACATION within my studio.

Now that my table is properly messy, it is time to make GIFTS, EXPERIMENT and just MESS around.

Please remind me to POST some of my little VACATION-NESS !!!!!

Heart Thought:
If you had the time and means, or even if you didn't, what creative pursuit would you explore....different from what you already do?

Gratitude Flags

Would you agree that we are never too young to express gratitude, to show appreciation?
Our six year old granddaughter, unfailingly says "Thank You."
A three year old grandson mumbles, "Muhmore, Muhmore, Puhlease"
Twelve year old, granddaughter creates a special pie before going to play. 

Little words and small actions of appreciation
bring heart-happiness.

We have been out in the Pink Chicken Studio creating
fabric flags, to express our love for others. 

Busy Little Bees
stamping, lettering, coloring, scribbling
torn streamers from old paint cloths.

Each "artist" in their own way, is writing a message
of appreciation and best wishes.

We are now hours before our family 
Thanks-Giving Celebration
busy baking pies, being big helpers,
and hanging our Gratitude Flags

The coolish, wind is whipping our messages out to all.

Have a deeply satisfying day of Thanks-Giving.

May there be Peace and Plenty where it is most needed.

Friday Portraits

Do you think that red heads have more fun? How about blondes? Well I am neither.....but it definitely is more FUN to paint redheads! And this one is pretty sassy.  
“Scarlett” is part of a series of Book Club Ladies I did a few years ago. I only have an image of one other BC lady, I will share at another time.  Scarlett is definitely confident.  I suppose she is a Clairol Woman.

Acrylic on canvas.  Sold.

Heart Thought: I always wanted curly hair, did you ever wish to have something you weren't born with?

Smiles: sharon    

What's with the Calendar?

I looked at the calendar this evening and thought my eyes were pulling tricks on me.
It couldn't possibly be November 15th!
I know it is blustery and windy outside, but how can time simply flutter away????
Checking my camera, I perused my last few weeks of photos.
The pictures held the answer!! 
Now I see how time became quicksilver slipping through my hands.

What better way to lose track of time than with grandchildren and family.
Yes, Funny Bunny Three-Three arrived a few short days ago. A very sweet, baby-pink daughter-sister.
And days before that, a special week with a precious granddaughter.

The culmination ...a two day, whirlwind  art show!
Fun to see folks from last year and all of the other artists' beautiful work.
The Edith Piaf paintings were a big hit.
Each artist served food on the opening night. 
I followed the rules, but then tossed in all the left over Halloween candy!
Yay we are HC free!  
Days have come and gone with the last of the rustling crusty-leaves... leaving sweet memories and heartfelt gratitude.
Hope you don't mind my posting on both blogs....the news is just too special to divide up!
Heart ThoughtI hope you feel as blessed as we have been these past weeks. We all need to share the good times whenever we can.  Would love to have you share YOUR blessed happenings with all of us.

Friday Portraits

Edith Piaf was born December 19, 1915. Her life is shrouded in mystery, misery, and tragedy.Perhaps born on a street of paris, or perhaps in a charity hospital....she nevertheless was homeless and raised by sisters of charity.  A mere 4”8” giving her the name of the Little Sparrow. This Little Sparrow had a voice like none other...beloved for her ballads, Chanson Francaise...her voice is total magic. You can purchase her recordings today...just drift over to Amazon.  
A few years ago the movie La Vie en Rose was made. Mesmerized, I watched it straight through two times, and then once more. I bought her tapes and listened non- stop to her magical voice, that belied her tragic life. 
One evening I went to my studio and started a series of face paintings, all were imbued with her haunting eyes. They just magically appeared on my canvas. I have never had an experience like that since.
I have sold these paintings, but decided to recreate them for our Silver Brush Show this weekend. I couldn't capture the magical quality of the first paintings.I should not have expected to. 
I showed my favorite on a blog post a few weeks ago, here are two more to enjoy. 

La Vie en rose one and four.

Edith’s eyes held mischief and great sorrow. 
These paintings are not meant to replicate her image, just a fleeting impression.
8 x 8 panel: acrylic, graphite pencil, reed brush with china ink, and oil pastel. 
Heart Thought: whose music, voice, or presence transports you back to another time?
warmly, sharon

Celebration Time Come On.......

November is a big celebration month in our home. Birthdays galore!!! It is one BIG BIRTHDAY BASH, plus THANKSGIVING.  Our second son was born on the 7th, our first daughter on the 9th and second daughter on the 30! "Celebration time come on......." And now, by way of Grand Announcement a Grand-Daughter will be born on the 7th if all goes as planned. Little Funny Bunny No-Name is soon to make her appearance.
Actually we thought it was pretty neat to have a baby at Christmas time, the best family present ever. So in honor of all November birthdays, a card for you to download and print. (See print button at bottom of page.) For your personal use, please. 
Heart thought: “See how the boy is with his sister and you can know how the man will be with your daughter.”   Plains Sioux Native Americans