Something new is exploding forth.
Time to do a bit of paint-exploration.
Actually I have been all over the place trying new techniques and color combinations. 
This painting has been so much fun. 

Photos just don't show the details, however, this painting is based on an underneath abstract design. The yumminess comes with all of the mediums used.  Acrylic for all base work, charcoal sketching (messy), overlays of soft pastel (the coolest part), crayon (just to be kid-like), graphite scribbles (hidden messages?) and splotches of ink (being clumsy).  

REPEAT, over and over with the various mediums until I had to say, ENOUGH!  

WILD FLOWERS, 24x30, Gallery wrap
One more in a similar style, but more bold and unusual color combination. This one goes a step further with the use of an abstract stencil. The background pink is a bit lighter, and I love the play of red against the pink.  This is a very fun, expressionist way of painting.  More on the easel...

Enjoy all the fresh berries at the open air markets or at your favorite grocery store.

Smiles: Sharon




Today it actually felt like SPRING was about to descend upon us, in our little corner of the world.
Birds outside were chirping and flitting about, eager to start nesting.
The air was lighter, brighter.
A small patch of earth was pushed aside by determined crocus.
The sky was robin egg blue. 
But most of all, it was warmer. Warm enough to shed gloves, scarves and winter jackets
that had bound my body way too long.  
The sun felt like warm butter, spreading delicious warmth across my bare arms.
March First, 2016
was a butter yellow sort of day, full of joy, appreciation and happy thoughts. 

It is now night, sky is blue-black, house much cooler, jacket on.
Tomorrow more rain.
This evening I cull through photos, to find sunny-buttery yellow images to bind me to these moments. 


Santa Lucia to Cotton Candy

Oh, my goodness.  I just checked my blog and Santa Lucia 
popped up!!! Am I really that far behind?
 It is now mid-February, Santa Lucia needs to move down the blog line so that I can share something more current.
So I will start with.....
Tucking Christmas decorations away, we left for China 
to visit our family who recently relocated to Shanghai.
A thousand photos later, amazing experiences, time with grandchildren, and experiencing this gigantic country could fill a book.
But for now let's start easy:

How about food!!!
Does Cotton Candy count?

Observation: If you look closely at this photo you will notice how heavily/warmly people are dressed.  We just happened to be in Shanghai when the cold had dropped to an all time low!!!  Additionally you might observe that despite the colorful display, the background is murky and gray.  Shanghai is second in pollution world wide.  Maybe that is why RED is such a prominent and joyful color and POPS against the gray.

This particular day, we double-triple-bundled up and rode an hour to visit an outdoor park.
Popping out of the car, we first encountered this smiling lady with her colorful cart. 
She was very busy spinning cotton candy.  What? Here?  China?  Winter? 
 Wow this is pretty cool!!

She was super happy to see a tribe of five eager kids, plus adults head her way.  No Mandarin needed.  Just point and smile, hold out some coins for her to choose from, and a balloon of cotton candy lands in your hands and all over one's face. 

Yes, the lady was very generous with her Cotton Candy.

Lulu was the happiest three year old within ten miles.  She made the most of her sticky-licky treat.

Pretending to be a Chinese doll, no brothers were going to get her "stuff."

Cramming it in Lulu style.  

Now this is joy in the simple things.

A peek inside the park, where another lovely lady is joyfully practicing her dance steps. 
More to come, if you love photo-peeking at fantastic destinations.

 For now, farewell Santa Lucia, and hello to new adventures.

Love is the Beauty of the Soul
St. Augustine



Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia
a very special family tradition that dates back
 before computers!!!!!!!!
It is such fun to know that our adult kids now share this tradition with their own "spin on  things" with their children.
Some will have Swedish Oven Pancakes with tons of berry jam and whipping cream.
Others will choose a daughter to wear the Santa Lucia crown of candles, walk around the house singing carols and end with a delicious breakfast.
I LOVE being linked generation to generation.
Santa Lucia (Ella and Lulu, helper)  

In Sweden the little boys and girls wear pastel colored gowns topped with cone shaped hats, carrying stars. The daughter, who is the chosen Lucia, is dressed in white and a wreath of garland, set with candles.

In past years I have posted a bit about this wonderful Swedish tradition. If you would like a peek back in time you can click here. There is even a recipe for Swedish Oven Pancakes.
Another fun posting when Funny Bunny Two-Two was small can be found here
Heart Thought:  in my heart, family traditions are the icing on the cake when it comes to raising a family. The cool thing is: I know that each and every one of you have special moments in your lives that you dearly revere. Wish I could listen to your stories. 

Have a great week.

smiles: sharon


Silver Brush Art Show

This has been a house of near-silence.
This has been a house of rather intense focus.
This has been a house with little social networking.
This has been a house that is NOW
Ready to Go For It !
Silver Brush Art Show this weekend.
November 13 and 14, 2015
Details below.
If you are in the area please stop by. 
If not, the new paintings are up on my website.
Sharing a few here.
Seems like I had a lot of ideas, sketches, photo references 
to pull from. As a result I ended up with a
mixture of styles, colors, surfaces: from encaustic
to oil to acrylic to mixed media grabbing anything near my easel.

Some times I wonder just how many tubes of paint I go through????
This is the Biggie 36x36 !
This one is wee, 6x6, inches that is.
Encaustic and Mixed Media...loads of fun!
Lots of flowers in this show...roses and sunflowers.

Enjoyed doing five mixed media paintings of women in various stages of contemplation.Would love to see you at the show..fabulous paintings, jewelry, clay work and photography. A portion of proceeds benefit Blessed Assurance, a local day care facility for adults.  A gift of giving.

Have a beautiful month filled with Thanksgiving.  May your blessings be bountiful. 

Thank you for the support and friendship you have given to me over the many years of painting, art shows, blogging, IG and a tiny bit of FB.

Silver Brush Show, November 13, 5:30-9:30 refreshmentsNovember 14, 9:30-4:30
Weaver, Bennett and Bland
196 North Trade Street
Downtown Matthews, NC



After a super hot hot hot summer, we are gently edging into autumn.  This brief time is when many of us "fall in love" with rust, orange, scarlet, ochre, vermilion, aubergine and rusted greens.
After all of our sahara-like heat, rain has made her entrance.  
Isn't it amazing how rain, with its drips, drops and splashes, creates a new palette of colors, a new way of seeing.  
On Instagram a few days ago, there was a photo of a woman holding fresh pulled beets from her garden.
The beets were without blemish an intense Chinese red.
Curious, I wrote asking what type of beet they were.  
She nicely replied, I just washed them under the hose.
Duh !
(All I can say is that when I wash beets, under water and with a scrubby brush, they are a dull maroon.)  
Water does change our perception of color, shape and mood.
 Vietnam: five months ago.
Rain Rain Rain...and one of those super soggy rain days found us in a small bus being driven through the many miles of coastal vistas, sharp curves, villages, people on foot, motorcycle or bicycle, fishermen throwing their serpent shaped nets out to sea...
Gosh, I thought, why is it raining right now on this day? I want to see everything. 
Leo Tolstoy suggested,"If you want to be happy, BE."
So happy I was going to BE. Putting my camera tight to the window, rivulets of rain poured down obscuring, obliterating, my view.  
Or so I thought.




Down the road from our home is an Asian Market.
It is a treasure trove of spices, sauces, live fish, 
exotic fruit
 and interesting shaped vegetables, fun ceramics, Japanese candy,

 Lucky Bamboo, 
rice cookers, rice crackers and rice by the barrel full.

Boiled, tea-dyed eggs, wabi-sabi style.
There is nothing not to like.  I even love the fact that the ladies at the check out counter speak very little English! They wrap everything carefully, smile, and use hand signs. 
Oh, they just hired a very young girl who does speak English.
She looked a little overwhelmed trying to learn everything.

Lining one side of the store is an amazing bakery, full of savory and sweet delights.  I am hooked on their bread pudding, egg custard tarts,
and Moon cakes.
There is MORE: a dedicated area with cheesy laminate tables and red plastic chairs, where one can sit and dine on their daily specials.
From high hooks hang sweet crunchy-skinned ducks.
They cook every thing on the premises. We can watch six or so  men, speaking fast Mandarin while working those sharp knives filet a fish or cook "caldrons" of noodles and rice.
Imagine hanging duck next to a Moon Pie!!
And since half of their fish are alive, fighting their way around crowded fish tanks, just choose one, they fish it out, _______ then offer to cook it in the kitchen.  I prefer to buy their fish neatly arranged on beds of ice...and not moving, thank you.
A few months ago, our granddaughter flew from the west to spend some time with us here in the south.
She was totally eager to experience the store. She tried anything and everything. 
She even mastered chopsticks.

Smiling Buddhas and Waving Cats bring a smile to our faces as we leave with our bags of yummy foods to eat.
Thank you for coming along for a little tour of one of our favorites places to shop, dine and buy Lucky Bamboo.
Love having you with us.


al Vero Pesto alla Genovese

Front Porch Basil
Front porch basil. Basil is easy to grow and fits right in with your decorative plants and other herbs.  With our HOT summer we have grown it in large clay pots placed on a lightly shaded porch, next to cadmium red geraniums ! A very pretty combination. The more you cut basil the more dense it becomes. At the very least, pinch off the tiny leaf tops of the longer stems, this encourages thicker leaves.
Last night it actually cooled down. I clipped large stems of basil, enjoying the deep green of the leaves and the strong pungent smell.  Not trusting the bugs in our yard, I washed thoroughly with cold water and left it to drain in a colander.  Tonight would be pesto night.  

Originally pesto was made with a mortar and pestle. (hence, the name Pesto)  Today, many use a blender to make this delicious, rich, vibrant sauce.

Traditional, Genovese Pesto
a very large bunch of basil, two cups packed (I remove the thick stems)
a handful of pine nuts, 1/4 cup
a handful of grated Parmesan cheese/or Romano 
a large clove of garlic
a 1/4 c to slightly more of extra virgin olive oil
a touch of salt to taste.
Optional: buttermilk or cream
Put all in a blender and grind to a creamy consistency…I like it a tiny bit chunky.
Pesto keeps in refrigerator for a few weeks. 
  Serve cold or room temperature over steamy hot pasta.  If your sauce is a bit too thick, add either a bit of pasta water or better still buttermilk or cream.
 Delicious over toast with veggies, pizza, chicken, fish.. Do not cook pesto, allow the heat of the foods to spread its goodness.
TWO shared posts pertaining to food. Hmmm you might think this is turning into
a cooking blog?  Not possible!