Part II

Last post we left not knowing why the Gardener up and disappeared, leaving her plants, seeds, pots and peat moss. I think I previously shared with you, that the goats and sheep in the next field (where no humans seem to be around) is Always empty.  Oh, yes and the three chickens-----Well originally there were FIVE chickens, each with a distinct name and personality.  So glad I have photos of them when they were sweet blobs of downy feathers, constantly in search of food.
Sad misfortune happened to two of the chicks. It was not a good day.  Just like the vanishing Gardener, they were gone. 
The months rolled on, and the hungry chicks just grew grew grew


One day the "littles" came to play, feed and cuddle the now sizable chickens. 

The "littles" favorite thing to do was to play in the Chicken Chalet that was draped with magenta-colored flowers; gather speckly brown eggs; and feed them food from the kitchen. Especially fruit. 
And that is when it happened. 
The Littles shared their watermelon, the good parts, the juicy sweet red parts.
Bedlam broke out as Lucy, Mary Reed and Anne Bonny, smelling the sweet fruit, jumped and climbed over one another to be the first to get the prize piece.
They definitely forgot their manners.

Now you wouldn't think I would miss this action and not take their picture and sketch the gobbling. 
Of course that led to more sketches and way more photos.

This is a true tale with a "happy ever after" ending.
The M, L, and A became known as the 
MLA Chooks. 
They started a co-op egg business. They have so many eggs, that they are using the wood shed for storage,  
far away from Mew Mew, the cat.
Oops forgot to give you the update on the vanishing Gardener.
She was last seen, flagging down an Uber, still dressed in her dusty gardening clothes and rubber bumper boots. 
By good luck, I recently read a small article in the Washington Post.
The vanishing Gardener is now the head of Department of Agriculture.
Way to go ladies.  Women rule.