Plaster a New Medium


I am pretty curious about any new art medium.
Then I read about a class working with plaster.
Yes, as in Plaster of Paris and Joint Compound.
The intensive course was taught by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee, two very talented artists.  This course was the most professional, sharing, ground breaking class  I have ever taken. It is chock full of videos, specific information, short cuts and materials!
This was a A++ class with a very active on going forum.
 Judy and Stephanie first co-published a book

Plaster Studio: Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving

Like all new mediums there was definitely a learning curve for me. 
A bit like going underground and taking root. Those moments when one is taught humility!
A friend asked if I would post my first attempts at this medium.

There are interesting tools to use when working with plaster. The bowls I formed over old plastic bowls. 

On this small bowl I used gouache for the design. It soaks quickly into the soft plaster.
My next bowls will be more detailed.

My second piece was formed on cradle board. I excavated the design lines with the carving tools. Painted in acrylic, sanded then antiqued.

Similar technique on this piece created to give the impression of tiles.

The Pink Chicken is named after the little art studio I created for our grandchildren. The Pink Chicken Studio.

This technique is my favorite so far. I have used plaster over muslin and burlap. I then excavated (carved) into the plaster, did the design painting with oil sticks.

I am saving my favorite piece for another posting. It is the same technique. I adhered the burlap to a large journal creating a really fun cover.

I will show you the journal later this week.
You might enjoy looking at Judy and Stephanie's book. And more good news. They are in the process of producing an e-book that will cover everything that we did in class. Check their websites for further details.
Judy Wise    Stephanie Lee

When the weather cools down a bit, and I can once again work in the garage...(did I mention that this is messy stuff?)
I will keep on working at this new surface. 
It is way cool to do and fantastically creative.


Geri Centonze said…
Sharon, these are wonderful pieces. I really love the bowl! The Pink Chicken Studio piece is darling! Can't wait to see your favorite piece. ♥
Kim Henkel said…
WOW! THanks so much for sharing your wonderful pieces. I am missing playing with plaster...but have lots on my TO DO LIST before I can get back at the plaster making. Lovely, lovely works!
Cheryl said…
I love what you have done with this technique. i am waiting on pins and needles for this ecourse to come out.