Look Who Is Turning 12!!!!

Happy Birthday, Emily. This is such a big day for you. Turning twelve means so many things. You will go to junior high next August. You are part of the young women's program at church, attending evening activities and Saturday outings with your friends. This summer you go to girl's camp. Now that will be a fantastic adventure. This is a year to make more new friends, learn Spanish, continue ballroom dancing, play tennis and start babysitting. What an adventure turning twelve is!!
Emily you are very special. You are fun to be with, funny-giggly, an excellent student, good reader, dancer, singer and love to act. But what we love the most, is your very warm, kind and loving heart. You know how to make others feel very special. You try very hard to include everyone, always watching out for the young person who is sad or feels left out. You are understanding and very mature. Emily you were born with an angel on your shoulder.
Emily is full of fun, giggles and crazy, zany, fun ideas. She loves to decorate her bedroom. Her next decorating project is to paint her bedroom pink and black...black polka dots and lots of bright pink. Emily loves fashion, shoes and earrings. And you can see from this photo that she has a lot of fun making fashion poses!
This is Emily's family. Her family is chock-full of love and caring for one another. They have so much fun together; biking, snowshoeing, sledding, four-wheeling, fishing, drive-in movies, church activities, games, long drives and helping other people. She lives in a very busy and active home!
Emily and Adam are super friends. They love to mess around, laugh, ride bikes and scooters, watch DVD's and watch out for one another.
This June, Emily graduated from elementary school. She had a wonderful experience in her new school. She excelled at her classwork, made some very nice friends, loved her teacher and spent many early mornings practicing her ballroom dancing. She entered competitions! Way to Go!
Happy Birthday, Emily. We Love You. Have a Red Letter Day

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  1. Awwwhhhh.... I miss you Emily! I can't believe you are a Young Woman! Twelve! Wow. Enjoy these upcoming years, they are so much fun.


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