Delightful Bookend Days

These posts started with a family of three and we close with a family of four. Each of us are grateful for the birth of this beautiful son, Luke Hunter.
Lazy-dazy clouds fill the Charlotte horizon. Each day has a new story to tell if one just takes a moment to look UP. The sky is amazing. An artist's hand covers us from above.
The swimming pool is a short walk from Kayla's home. Each home has a true "front porch" where inviting chairs and tables sit in grace. There is always some person (s) simply sitting. Sitting, resting, relaxing and ready for casual stroll-by conversations, such is part of the southern charm.
Ready or not, the fast flying chute awaits the fate of Kayla and daddy.
Fast Flying Kayla
Grandpa was in on the fun. He and Kayla had their own "high jinks" on the chute.
Oops how did a grownup person land in the kiddies pool ? This really big person takes up too much room.
Kayla decided to water this strange looking aquatic plant!
Speaking of plants. This beautiful bouquet was left on the porch in honor of the arrival of Luke.
Meanwhile back at the wall, hmmm, house, Grammy was finishing up a little painting in Luke's new room. The pretty blue walls feature a menagerie of little critters like turtles, lions, giraffes and of course lady bugs for good luck
Kayla sleeps in a fairyland of wispy fairies and whimsical butterflies.
Hanging from the ceiling are more gosmer butterflies and sweet fairies, all swaying in the breeze.
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  1. What fun walls. I love the monkeys in the trees. I have been wanting to paint a tree in my basement for sometime now. I need a tutorial. You would make such a fabulous mentor.

    You see life so beautifully,


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