What do most kids, like the following little monkeys......
Zadian Ella and Ethan have in common?
These little monkeys LOVE CEREAL! The crunchier....the sweeter.....the better!
We start the day on a Cereal High--smorgasbord style.
Moving on now to a Very Special Present---have you guessed what PJ is?
NEW PJ'S!! and you thought it was Peanut-butter and Jelly sandwiches!!
Wearing our nifty new PJ's we climbed into the big bed, fluffy with pillows and feather comforter. Just like Ten Naughty Monkeys, we were floating in delight, keeping an eye on a brand new PJ party video, The Reef. All was well until one little monkey, who shall remain nameless got the creative urge to grab a huge hunk of slightly loose wall paper and zip"the walls came tumbling down" leaving exposed fiberboard. Our mouths as big as OREOS, we knew we would be in big trouble for this one! But first things first, the movie!
Later we all traipsed downstairs, heading for the CD player and "Mama Mia!" Wow were we wild little monkey dancers. There wasn't a dance move we couldn't think of or try! When Grammy Monkey decided her ears were going to pop, we started an art project. Hmm smart move, Grammy Monkey.
The evening FINALE involved BEAN BAGS!!! Sitting on the floor spread eagle, we started slowly zooming bean bags to one another. We pretended they were way too hot to touch, so we had to get rid of them FAST!!! Think Superman speed. Things revved up quickly and soon there were EIGHT BEAN BAGS going ROLY-POLY, HELTER-SKELTER ALL at once. Whoa, wait a minute! this is getting a little out of hand. How about a nice quiet book.
Well it really was late, so we grabbed some books and all four climbed into the big blue bed. WITH A SUPER-FRAZZLED Grammy Monkey in the middle, we all settled in, until one by one, little by little, each cherub monkey was slumbering away.
Thank you Bethany Brady Spalding for the wonderful BEAN BAGS you made for us. We love them.

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  1. What a great, colorful post! It sounds like your days are busy but good. I'm so glad you get to have some quality time with them!
    We love all the little monkeys in the family!


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