Zade's First Day at School

Hmm, I have my new Spidey Man backpack. I have my snack. I have on my big boy pants. But I am not sure about this "school thing." Did you say I had to speak French?
Okay, Popsie, I am ready to go to class. Walk away while I am not looking, okay? Hmm this takes a lot of spunk to go to school. But mommy, daddy, Ella and Ethan tell me I am a big boy and will have lots of fun!
That wasn't too bad. Mom and Candy Grammy picked me up, just like they said they would. Mommy even had a picnic for me. This is cool. I really like school, even if they do speak French.

I met some super friends after school. One let me use his scooter. This is the life, I love being a Big Boy!!!

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