Butterfly Kisses

Let’s face it, children are amazing artists. They don’t deliberate over their swishing of color over expanses of white paper. They paint “in real time.” Brushes, fingers, sponges and toes…there is no “perfect-have-to-own-it” painting implement. Subject matter simply arises from the creative well which hasn’t been diluted or tampered with. Fear, oh me oh my, why painting is pure joy, what is there to be fearful of. All that it takes for creative flow to move is opportunity, abundant supplies of paper and squishy brilliant paint. They say children’s art is “naïve” painting at its undiluted best. Naïve painting is simply painting from the soul where creativity bubbles in effervescent eruptions. There is no plan, no agenda, just pure expression.
I paint for children. The whimsical name, Lah de Dah Designs is meant to reflect the carefree nature of painting with children in mind. How does it stack up against the real thing? It doesn’t of course. My “mother-mind” has long ago evaporated from the inner, unfettered world of carefree color and imagination.
But I try. Why paint for children? Why not? It is pure fun to sit with a brush load of color and decide how to best put it on canvas hoping it adds to a child’s own imaginative pleasure. For me, art painted expressively for children is a form of storytelling, a painted narrative, a story without words. My goal: set enough of a stage and let a child tumble in.
Painting for children has become a very large, highly targeted and profitable market. I have had my opportunity with licensing art for children. I have painted countless murals, furniture and canvases for those who have the luxury of purchasing art for their child’s room. It has all been fine, a wonderful experience. But the pleasure really comes in the delight of painting without so many rules and expectations….painting from a child-like point of view.
Butterflies flirt and flit, skitter about taking a bit of dew and pollen here and there, no grand plan, no major ambition, just freedom, color, creation and touches of Butterfly Kisses along the way.
Drop by www.sharonfurner.com to see this fall's newest paintings for children and those with child-like hearts.

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  1. I love seeing the joy you feel for childhood illustrated in your work.

    all of your pieces bring a reminiscent smile to my face :)


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