President Elect, Barack Obama

The Power of One, One Vote, One Step multiplied by millions, a new President Elect Barack Obama; our planet is quivering with excitement, seismic change, can you feel it?
Repeating my last words on previous post: May we blend RED and BLUE and create a NEW COLOR to represent THE COLOR OF AMERICA! Barack Obama stands as his own METAPHOR, for here is a man who is product of a WHITE mother and BLACK father, the blending of two colors. Perhaps this is one reason why he is a natural conciliator and has his bold vision of COHESIVENESS and COMMONALITY.
This is a man who is fulfilling his destiny, a man who represents the transitional figure of:
Today, the first email in my mailbox was from Simon Rose, partner in the Cortes Real Art Gallery in Portugal. He sent his congratulations and hope for the future. Pretty cool, right?
What I Want to Remember from last Night: I am grateful to be an American; the sea of faces at Grant Park and elsewhere so joyful, so emotional, so hopeful and so eager to restart their own commitments and open their hearts to inclusiveness and the forging of a healthier America; the beautiful smile and support of Michelle Obama and their daughters, standing so proud beside their father; John Lewis, Black Senator spilling forth with emotion as he recalled the ugly face of American racial prejudice and history and his gratitude for this historic occasion, a dream he never thought he would live to see; time standing still as the clock struck 11:00pm, television screens flashed, ‘Barack Obama has won the presidency’ and in that second a president was confirmed; John McCain’s very gracious concession speech to America and his supporters, a remarkable offering of conciliation and working together for the common good of America; and finally, Obama’s own historic acceptance speech which will go down in history as one of America’s most eloquent and important declarations on how we will become a Unified America—a message of HOPE for us and other countries.

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