On This Day-MLK Day

Rosa sat

So Martin could walk

Martin walked

So Obama could run

Obama ran

So our children can fly.

Mia Farrow
Martin Luther King Day
This day gifted a time of reflection and thought. "On this day...." please enjoy the beauty and serenity that graced Havre de Grace.
See that curve beckoning as if to say
Come along and see
mysteries of crystal and white

On the sculpted banks and ice coated edges

Waves caught in a still frame

frozen froth.

A lonely feathered sentinel
the Chesapeake

Velveteen cloaked

A touch of grace, comings and goings

leaving ripples

frozen in time

Shards of ice, bully the fleet of

Lah-de-Dah boats

The Lantern Queen hibernates
from her summer gaiety.
Cemetery cold, frozen soil, deep somber gray
warmed by red striped flags
reminding us of a life
that made a difference.

The bay was quiet

only an occasional snapping crack of ice as it shift to a more comfortable position or a goose eerily

honked searching for his mate.

Few were out in the grayness, the deep cold.

In the distance a biker stood on the edge of the pier, holding ever so still.

Did I dare interfere with his reverie?

With the slightly embarrassed "hi" I met Mike.

Mike: free spirit, world traveler, keeper of journals, biker, runner, reader, poet, reads Mary Oliver poetry and Terry Tempest Williams, thrives in ice and cold, looking for the next adventure, pursuing second career, loves architecture and numbers, grand talker, friendly and hopes we meet again.

As we spoke, the snow had deftly fallen,

sift like fine face powder

from a feathery puff.

Pure magic on Martin Luther's Birthday!

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