The Boy in the Green Shirt

The day was spring-time-cold,
the soccer field a lush apple-green,
the texture much like a soggy sponge,
the intense-mighty mountains frosted with lingering ice and snow
cradled us as though we were sitting in a gigantic glass bowl.
The air was full of energy and enthusiasm.
The Boy in the Green Shirt was playing a game of
He was full of CONCENTRATION.
He was full of ENERGY.
He was ready to play his BEST!

The Boy in the Green Shirt ran hard, played fierce,

kicked the ball with force,
kept his eye on the ball,
kept his eye on his teammates.

This is a team sport requiring



sportsmanship .

In all games there is ONE winner. But the TRUE WINNER is the

Boy in the Green Shirt

who understands FAIRNESS and SPORTSMANSHIP.

The Boy in the Green Shirt


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