Colors are universal, and throughout the ages, many different colors have been associated with different religious and spiritual meanings.

But one aspect of color holds true in every corner of the world. The colors we chose are not arbitrary, but hold personal meaning for us. Spending time in Asia, one sees clearly the spiritual meaning of the combination of marigold yellow and crimson in the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

We definitely have certain colors that “attract us.” The colors we chose are deliberate, carefully selected, and have personal meaning to us as an expression of "who we are".

What is your primary color, your preferences? I am a seasonal person. So in December it is every shade of RED possible…but just wait, February PINK is coming up!!

It was fun going around photographing favorite items…only qualification was something RED!

These beautiful topiaries are in the rotunda of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Every season the rotunda is graced with the most beautiful plants and shrubs. You can’t take a poor photograph; every angle is bursting with fragrance, color and composition.

These adorable little hedgehogs were purchased 15 years ago in Bavaria. They just had to come home with me and every December their adorable little faces are there to smile at. The cookie tin was just that, a generic tin box. I transformed it into a little container painted ‘folk-art’ style.

Speaking of folk art, I studied this art form for many years and had the pleasure of working with several German artists to learn the true German way of painting. This red tray was done at that time. It is difficult to tuck it away after the holidays.

Let’s skip to Bali and their wonderful story-telling-puppets that are so intriguing and elegant. Just hanging them on the wall, brings a beautiful part of Asia to our home. I had the opportunity to teach an art class at my granddaughter’s class. We made our own Balinese puppets and they were fabulous.

On the Smithsonian Mall, next to the National Gallery of Art is our second favorite museum, The Native American Museum. They have an exhibition room that showcases one Native American artist’s work…of very high caliber! This red square is a sewn wall hanging constructed of RED clothing of every kind imaginable. It is at least 30' by 50’. I have never seen anything like it. It is sewn together like a puzzle…how in the world did they sew in the middle of it? It was fascinating to figure out the various garments used.

These tiles are simple ceramic bathroom tiles painted with glass paints and used for trivets during the holidays. So simple yet so charming.

This year I was gifted with two amazing bouquets of flowers. My birthday is near December so it is always a challenge for a gift giver. My sister sent the amazing RED roses and my daughter sent the equally amazing baby orchids to remind me of Bali. Who needs a Christmas tree with such beautiful flowers? They brought such happiness to my heart.

A very best friend, Alice bundled in a red wool scarf,  we spent a beautiful day together.

Two little grandchildren, really worried that Santa wouldn’t find them in Maryland when they live in North Carolina…but the ever dependable Santa pulled through. Love the little red jammies!

Last of all, I have previously posted about my lunacy in taking a Photoshop class!!! It is proving to be a struggle in big red letters. But not because of the instructor or class, it is all in my mind-set. So the opening photo at the top is the FIRST project that I actually created, using the Roses from my sister’s bouquet. It is rather embarrassing to post this photograph. But hopefully as time goes by I can share much improved photographs. Maybe by the time I get to PINK!!!


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