Truth and Bedevilment

TRUTH: I am in love with my iphone! My computer tags along with me wherever I go. My printer is my trusty friend. I love all electronic gadgets. A good day is browsing through Best Buy!

TRUTH: I want to be semi-literate in the electronic age of. Facebook, Blogging, Photo Editing, name it and I want to do it. DO IT ALL!!!!

BEDEVILMENT: if you spot a red head with smoke coming out of her ears; glowing eyes neon pink; fingers trembling like the last lonely leaf on the tree, it is probably ME trying to learn all these Modern Day Madness methods of COMMUNICATING!

Case in point: PHOTOSHOP. All around me are magazines with glossy pictures created in Photoshop; open any blog and the writer "touches up" her offerings in Photoshop!!! Hundreds of magazines and books devoted to its devotees.

TRUTH: I have taken two classes (albeit years apart) in Photoshop. Bought updated programs. Own three books (and not the Dummies kind.) My sister a PHOTOSHOP-GENIUS sent me a 100.00 book, top tier!  And still the hair on my head sizzles!  So I wishy-washy between Picassa and Photoshop.  What is a girl to do?????

TRUTH: I signed up for an online course given by djpettit. a wizard at manipulating photos to seriously die for.  It starts this week. Don't tell my family, please!

BEDEVILMENT: we had to download a form of a zipped file!! Zipped file, I thought only pants and skirts had zippers!  Okay, she suggested Stuffit Expander. At midnight, I did just that. And promptly LOST it. I searched for hours for Stuffit...I was ready to tell it where to stuff it I was so frustrated. I limped to bed with my tail between my legs, this just wasn't fair, my heart was in the right place, just not my brain.  So this morning after I finish writing, I will start all over again. RESOLVE!!

TRUTH: this isn't the last that I will write concerning  Photoshop. I will post my first efforts...and I hope you will all applaud!!!

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