A Funky Valentine Day

Happy Valentine's Day..

Whether you are walking the deserts of India; sketching at the beach; gazing at each lazy flake of snow; eating way too much Valentine candy, hmmm cherry chocolates; walking the trails of a local park; sitting cozy at a cabin; gazing at a pond covered with ice; seeing a romantic movie; sketching palm trees or just "being"....wherever you are, may you be shown, and share, kindness and love with people who are special to you.

My husband and I have developed a serious case of CABIN FEVER!!! living in the land of the never ending snow! Excitedly I made the plans for a fantastic "cultural" Valentine day; first stop by the Baltimore Museum of Art, new Cezanne exhibit; second, attend a free Concert at a beautiful white steeple church in Baltimore. The musicians all teach at Peabody and/or play with the Baltimore Symphony. Great quality. Wow, we were excited!!

 We wiggled out of our snow packed drive way,  and began wondering where we would park with all the snow pushed into parking lanes. The hour drive proved the point. All roads were one lane, if someone shoveled out a street side parking spot they placed a "marker" like a chair, table or box to hold their place until their return. 

 An hour later we were at the BMA and not a CAR was in sight. Something wrong here. We drove up to the doors, sure enough two signs stating the museum was closed! You have to be kidding me. We had our sketchbooks in our satchel, pencils sharpened and full of enthusiasm.  Not fair! 

 Okay we still have the CONCERT. We drove around and around the beautiful white colonial church and again not a car in sight.  Determined I got out of the car and ran up to the door and pulled HARD. LOCKED !

 So now what do we do with our afternoon reserved for a touch of "culture"?  How about DINE at a really FUNKY, WACKY, BOHEMIAN restaurant.  Would it be opened?

 The pictures will tell the story because YES there was one parking space right by the front door!  May I introduce you to PaperMoon Diner in Baltimore, MD.

Yes, that is a bathroom sink full of snow, usually flowers!

 A magnificent bird house...love the snow on the roof blending into the clouds in the sky.

 This is FUNKY at its best..everything, including the kitchen sink was glued to the ceiling, walls, fans.....wonder if they used Gel Medium, tee hee!

Now what to eat at dinner...well there was everything from pancakes to salmon. But the HORSERADISH caught my attention.

 Don't be disappointed, it was really YUMMY. Foccacia bread, thin roast bread, cheese, tomato and lots of horseradish!! I only ate half because I had to have my very favorite dessert...for the moment that is.....

 Bread Pudding with sauce and whipping cream.  Yum beats out cherry chocolates by a mile!  
Ah, oh, Sharon ate too much Bread Pudding, poor Girl!!!

We have all been intrigued by the chocolate fountains that spread rich, brown chocolate all over a piece of fruit or cake; flowing effortlessly it spreads its sweetness to all who dip in. May our world be such for one day, a thick coating of sweet chocolate to cover and unite us all in child like delight.

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