iphone madness: a photo a week

Second week, does that mean a series is in the offering? We live in Maryland, yes the snow bound state that had a gazillion  tons of snow-- land on us, between us, over us and around us. It was three days before we dug out, well someone took pity on us and brought over a huge snow blower!! Once released from our white cocoon we headed straight for the Chesapeake Bay and the board walk. Snow piled high as Mt. Everest formed snow fences around the wharf; boats were covered with quilts of snow and slush; a few brave folks walked the boardwalk in moon boots. Although I took my SLR, it was my iphone I was anxious to use.

Using the Camera Bag app (1.99) for  iphone,  I photographed with a "Helga" camera.....see what you think? Love the color.  More good news follows the pics.

Love the slight blur and blue greens. 

The good news is that you do not have to have an iphone with its fun apps. Camera Bag is now available for mac and pc. Take your photos and pretend you are using cameras like Helga, Lolo, Instant, Cinema, Fisheye, Silver, Magazine, 1962 and 1974, and Mono.
All for about 20.00 


You just download your favorite photo and experiment with different lenses until you find just what you LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The remaining two photos were with my Sony, regular lens...can't play favorites here!


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