Counting the Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Princess Furilla is counting the hours, minutes and seconds until returns from vacation. We tempted her with a new friend to play with......

But Furilla found her a bit to quiet and stiff-lipped.  Next we tempted her with.....

Sushi, but even crab and avocado did not appeal to her fancy taste.  So we sat down and had a little chat. We thought if she was entertained a bit with tales of our adventures it would cheer her up and help the time pass until her family returned in the evening.

There have been so many wonderful experiences that we weren't sure where to begin, but this is what we shared.

Gorgeous Easter candy displays that totally took our breath away. But the pocketbook couldn't really afford these little lovelies, however, we did find a great way to buy candy in Theater Square. We went to see

After we picked up our tickets, we walked the theater district...and stumbled upon TWO GIANT CANDY STORES.

Furilla loved this part of the story. She watched us pack our suitcase with four LARGE sacks of CHOCOLATE yummies.

Because the Princess loves to chase a dangling feather from a stick we thought she would love our pictures of the Flags at Rockefeller Square. It was a gorgeous day, and the flags have never been more beautiful!!!

Adieu, Furilla, Goodbye New York City, we leave you with this beautiful gift of springtime...just days away.

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