Bowls for Change

SHE knew it wasn't exactly where she belonged. But her daughter had a friend who asked if she would PLEASE take part in the Stalling's Second Annual Art Festival. SHE knew she was rusty and out of shape for HOT outdoor shows; had precious little art to display; was concerned by how much hard labor outdoor shows were; and so she thought and thought, decided and undecided, hummed and hawed. Finally it came down  to this:  helping in some small way a new friend with her ENORMOUS UNDERTAKING for the community. 

But two years between art shows is a LONG LONG LONG time.
So she cleaned up all her show gear; you know the HEAVY white tents  with the musty smell; checked to see if everything was STILL in the cracking blue plastic bins  needed for set up; and at the last minute remembered lending out her cash box,
receipt books, all that necessary paraphernalia.  But determination was now in charge.

Each day she checked the weather report: hot, hotter, hottest. Well she could HOPE for a booth space under some leafy tree. Her wonderful son-by-marriage, Hunter and her husband, Howard, helped with the weighty tent, bins and paintings. Cheerfully they stayed  until it was ready to go !

Her concerns slowly vanished, she was actually excited, as she sat in high anticipation for the first visitors to pass by.  Art Fest was now open for visitors.

She WAITED. She WAITED some more as did her fellow vendors. Curiosity became more curiouser, "Where were the floodgates of visitors?" Peeking outside the white walls of her "hotter by the minute tent" she finally viewed what was REALLY SURROUNDING her. 

On the hillside where the cool shade trees grow.....a colorful, moving, circus field of FREE amusement rides, shamble-y looking game booths like Pitch a Penny, and vendors with hot sausages doused in spicy mustard and oily onions, BBQ (remember she lives in the south), lemonade jugs and tiny ice cream carts.

Her mind went back to a time of swinging higher than the tippy top leaves...such freedom.

A day when outdoor ART was something tangible to take home.

Carousels plum-ful of roosters, ostriches, lions and tigers waiting a giddy, happy rider..... waiting for the golden ring.

Yummy amusement park food where the hotter it became the longer the lines. 

Hiking high to have seconds of flying down a pink slide.  This was the REAL purpose of the Second Annual Art Fest. FREE rides for ALL CHILDREN!!!

As the day grew hotter, longer, and her face became red as a tomato, her cute daughter came to spell her off so that she could VISIT....

The Italian Ice vendor. He patiently served up delicious ices ALL DAY LONG. She went twice: mango and blueberry vanilla.

Across from her booth was Bowls for Change. All day long she watched these adorable teenagers approach strangers about their painted bowls.

Anna, Rachel and Lydia  have it RIGHT! Giving service at a young age, finding their niche to help those who need a hand up.

The sisters have formed a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and raising money for hunger and clean water relief.

They paint colorful, wonderful designs on white bowls. These are sold for $8.00. All of the money goes to projects in poverty stricken countries. So far this year they have earned $700.00 one bowl at a time.

Despite a hot, hot day, is this COOL or what?

Now she knew why attending this art fest was the right decision.  Free rides for all children. And meeting three amazing young women trying to make a difference one bowl at a time.  
Visit the Tabor sisters at

You may also contact them at:

If you have clean, white bowls or cups and would like to donate them, they would be happy to receive your offering.

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