Poof and the Bubble Fairy floated back into my life!!! 


Let's return to Charleston, South Carolina, where Bubble Fairies work over time.
They must fly as fast as hummingbirds, they are everywhere.

We all LOVE LOVE LOVE Charleston. My goodness it could take way too many days to share all the "'fun-ness" of Historic Charleston. Sooo let's just follow the Bubble Fairy's trail.

Things were really Burbling, Gurgling, Splashing and Frothing at the fountain along the boardwalk.

If I hadn't been carrying a bulging backpack, wearing high top PURPLE converse shoes and a Big Mama of a Camera, I would have run in and joined the fun.  Doesn't it make you want to truly be a KID again?

We adults get so "weighed" down with things. Where is the BUBBLENESS in our lives?

We will leave the BUBBLE FAIRIES to their good kind of mischief.

Bubble Story Two
Did you know that Bubble Fairies can deliver Mail?  In the early dawn hours outside on our porch was a tiny brown box, all wrapped up very tight in cellophane tape, the color of bubbles, of course.

It had been delivered on behalf of our very dear friend and sculptor, Tamara Stickler.  
This would be no ordinary present coming from Tamara, especially delivered by Fairy Express.
First let's read her VIP letter:

Dear Sharon and Funny Bunnies,
I am sending you this very playful-Bubble Fairy to look after and make certain she stays out of trouble! She has been playing all sorts of PRANKS up here in Maryland, behind my condo, with the construction workers and their enormous equipment.

And so the story goes.

You see the Construction Crews are building new houses and so they TORE down the WOODS and FILLED in the WETLANDS where she used to play with her Whisp and Animal Friends.  The rolling STREAM where her beautiful BUBBLES gurgled over the stones is "POOF" gone. Losing her beloved stream was the last "bubble" so to speak. As a result she became bored and turned her bubble making talents on the UNFORTUNATE humans and their CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES.

For the last six months, the men working in the ruined Wetlands and plowed over Bubbling Stream, have had mysterious BUBBLES in their TUMMIES, making them HIC-UP and BURP day and night!

Their vehicles are for some reason,( known only to this Bubble Fairy and Myself) spouting BUBBLES out of their exhaust tubes!

The construction workers have been getting angry and there has been talk of trying to catch the BUBBLE FAIRY that is causing so much trouble. I thought I would like to start a FPRP (Fairy Protection Relocation Program) 

The enclosed Bubble Fairy of whom I write, asked me if I could help her get to North Carolina, where they appreciate Bubble Fairies, immensely. 

I can't tell you her name, fairies ONLY impart their names to VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS, but I am certain one of your  FUNNY BUNNIES could learn her name in no time.

And this is what was inside the box wrapped in cellophane.


Perhaps you might like to guess her name?


Thank you Tamara for sending us this beautiful  Bubble Fairy. She is well taken care of and will soon have a name.  

Tamara sent the construction photos, story line and Bubble Fairy for me to do with as I wished. And I WISHED to share Tamara's many talents with you.


  1. Sharon, you are one creative woman. This is great. How do you come up with all this? To answer your question about the pot on my blog, I do not think the tagine would work. It has its own specially recipes. Just keep your eyes open or go to the Spanish table where the pots are not that elegant, but are the real McCoy.


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