Have you ever been head over heels in love with the MOON? We were strolling the streets of Charleston, South Carolina on a rather sultry day. Hot and tired, but still looking for adventure when in a singular moment we all saw ...."Wow, can you believe it 'Moon Pies' we have to go inside!"

We had just arrived at Moon Pie Heaven. Want to see what is inside?

Do you recall the first time you bit into one of these delicious bits of MOONSHINE? I was pretty little when I experienced that moment of sheer JOY!! Mom handed me a cellophane wrapped cookie...all creamy-dreamy looking. What a combination: Soft, Sticky Marshmallow and two Crispy Cookies draped in Mellow-y Frosting!
I only recall banana flavor way back then. But you should see how far it has come. There are single layers, double layers, strawberry-vanilla-banana-mint chocolate-peanut butter.  Anyone who knows me, would guess my FAVORITE all TIME MOON PIE is CHOCOLATE MINT! Think Girl Scout Cookies only 100x's larger and loads of minty frosting.
Gosh they don't cost 5 Cents any more. The Moon Pie Company was founded in 1910. This is their 100 Year Anniversary.

The Moon Pie Company started on a fluke, when a Chattanoga Bakery Salesman had a chance encounter that would begin a revolution in the history of snacks. The evolutionary idea was to create something easy for the miners to eat...round as the hand, sweet, and easy to pack in their lunch pails.  Today the General Store has more than Moon Pies to offer the public such as:

And most fun of all is an in-store Ice Cream Parlor. Sit on an old stool and be served the best Moon Pie desserts you ever imagined.

The middle ice cream is called BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!  Speaking of things to eat, if you are a cook book collector and love to read stories about food, you should consider ordering several Moon Pie Cookbooks.

The website is loads of fun. Our daughter celebrated a birthday last week and we ordered a boatload of Moon Pies for her to add to their celebration.If she didn't eat them her two Munchy Monkeys and husband would!!!

And here is the real mcCoy...a homemade Moon Pie Sundae for my hubby. You should see his smile.

What we started can add anything your little tummy desires.

A Tiny Mint Chocolate for me.....
Ice cream, Moon Pies, Whipping Cream may leave a few inches on one's middle; but a Journal Entry lasts forever, calorieless!!!
Would love to hear from you if you check out this website and / or order from them. Which flavor would you choose? I will always go for the Chocolate Mint.

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  1. Love the photos! Don't really care for Moon know me, it's all about crunch and salt...but the photos (almost) make we want to convert! You can tell you are getting better with the camera. They look very professional, like from one of my food magazines! There's a new career direction for photographer!


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