She had run out of time sharing her stories about her daughter's sore feet which are feeling much better, thank you, and her reflections upon the Hindu rites of Fire Walking. ( See previous post) Later in the day we chatted again and she had more thoughts on feet and toes in particular. And so to finish the conversation..........

Did you know that New York City's high end spas use tiny little fish to nibble on one's toes and ankles. They daintily nibble away all the dry skin leaving one's feet soft and supple. Well, She didn't try this in New York City but did in Singapore. And the story goes:

She and her family had been to a night safari, and while walking with eyes wide open she saw a most peculiar scene, really quite bizarre. Men and Women were sitting on high benches, dangling their feet, while hundreds of tiny little fish clustered around their toes and ankles. And RIGHT IN PUBLIC VIEW!!!  It was quite amazing. And it was here that she learned that it is a very acceptable and a PLEASANT way to get a pedicure of sorts.

Now don't let this GROSS you out. These people were having a great time and looked fully relaxed.

She commented to her son,  what a story it would be to go back to the United States and have THAT particular type of pedicure to share with friends and family. BUT she wasn't sure that she could actually go through with it!

The night before departing Singapore her son suggested a last minute outing with all the family. They were going to a HUGE mall. Now why would they spend their last night together at a really HUGE mall?  They walked the long corridors, rode escalators up to even more levels filled with all types of stores. Her son's fast walking pace suddenly slowed down. In the middle of the mall were two big TANKS of water with people sitting around the edge. OH NO!  A Fishy Pedicure was going to happen right in the middle of the gigantic mall. Determined to be a good sport, she and her husband decided to go along on this ticklish adventure. And this is what happened. You can fill in the words!    

Well in the END guess whose feet had the most fish munching on a Thanksgiving Feast? SHE did and she was rather embarrassed to think her feet were so DELICIOUS!

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  1. Such darling photos! It tickles so much. They loved my feet too! :)


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