All in a Week's Time

There are weeks in our lives that are more ordinary and routine, time simply moves forward. Then we hit the FAST ZONE and a week's worth of days becomes a blur like a fast moving roller coaster. That is what happened to me, a week long SUPER DUPER ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!!

It all started with a three day workshop in Jacksonville, Florida. Had the great pleasure of attending an Alice William's workshop. An amazing group of women, mostly from the Florida area gathered for this workshop sponsored by the Corse Gallery, owned by artist Eileen Corse, a multi talented woman. Alice had us paint from live models and still life set ups.

A regal, ethereal pose the model held for long periods of time. This was a challenge for me, but with the help and kind advice from  Alice I finally got a likeness. When completed I MIGHT share it.

One long day drive home

One day to celebrate....
the men and women....
who choose to protect...
others, anywhere.

One day to load two cars....
Stuffing them full.

 Long pose of woman barely fit
A lovely art patron took her home
in her car.

One more day...

Set up, prepare food
 arrange gorgeous sunflowers...
with magnolia leaves.

The challenge...
hanging many paintings.

my favorite of all
very happy art collector.

A thank you...
Bouquet of Roses....
Sincere appreciation...
To the Silver Brush Society
Who welcomed me
Into their fold.

It was a highly successful
show for all of us.

One week later

Pure Joy
Pure Freedom
Sheer happiness
Manifold gratitude

Time with the
Funny Bunnies
Romping in the last
Of our beautiful
Autumn rainbow.

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  1. I'm so glad but not surprised at all that the show was a success. I'm thrilled for you! I love the flag photo and pics of your grandkids. Makes me miss the fall.


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