Art Journaling 2010

Like many painters, a journal, sketch book or notebook are part of the process of creating. I call mine  Art Journals. They are full of everything possible from fully finished paintings to collage, sketches, writings, vacation doodles, class/seminar notes and sketches, odds and ends, photographs. After each journal is completed and there are no more blank pages left, it is a burgeoning story of exploration.What joy comes from creating them.

This year's journal is no different. Some pages I have shared on my blog, but basically they are just for my pleasure and eventually something to pass down through our family. They show what I am interested in at any given point in time.

It is exciting to start posting more photos of my Art Journals..there is so much to share with you.

Occasionally I will explain how I create a page, give a short tutorial; share what I have learned; supplies and materials. My journal postings is a bit experimental and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.  Would love feed back on what you would like to learn, see or experience.

A small glimpse of some of my supplies. As time goes on I will be more specific.

Before I left Maryland for Charlotte, I had a special table to do some of my journals on, but frankly, art journals can be and is done anywhere, everywhere, is ART ON THE GO!!!

My next blog will share with you some before and after shots of pages I am working on now. If you are keeping a journal of some sort let me know. We can post a few photos of what you are doing.  This is exciting!

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