Our little Funny Bunnies' parents returned from Asia last night!  Whew! one big responsibility complete with no serious injuries, concussions, squished fingers or broken hearts. They did beautifully. And rightly so, as Grammy Cathy and Grammy Shar Shar (Me) kept them busy every single waking hour of their day; playing playing playing and more playing!  It did the trick. Happy little kiddos, cooperative and fun.

We had some pretty hilarious moments, like mistakenly squirting antibiotic cream on their toothbrushes rather than toothpaste.  Then there was baby Funny Bunny who got into the cupboard, pulled out a can of soda pop, walked into the living room. He must have dropped the can as it split open and spewed soda up the walls, over the fireplace, on the brand new chair and all over the box of toys on the floor.   Not too sure that classifies as Play and Fun, surely wasn't for Grammy Cathy who was in the home and had to clean it up.  This same little dear bunny "discovered" that while in the shower he could "squirt" his sister!  You should have seen the glint in his eye when he figured that one out!  Lots and lots of books read; really fun art projects and a huge welcome home banner; endless hours outside playing until dinner time; visits to parks; and accompanying the Grrrrrrammies on Saturday morning to attend garage sales!  I tried to shoot fast photos when I thought of it...but most of the time had my hand's full of "playfulness."

All this child like fun gave room to pause and reflect. What do I do for fun? Do I ever paint anything "fun" just for the sake of messing around?

Upstairs in my Studio is a box squirreled away with a huge supply of water tempera paints....You know the kind they use in elementary school, bright, fun, gooey-messy color?  I am heading upstairs right now and going to PLAY  PLAY PLAY PLAYWant to join me?  


  1. Whend do you open your creative minds daycare??? We'll gladly sign up four children! Looks like loads of fun, Mateo

  2. Come on over anytime...and we will all PLAY!

  3. Love-Love-Love Easter memories!
    More pictures Sharon!

  4. Love-Love-Love your Easter memories! More pictures Sharon!!


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