Earthquake: Being Aware

It started with a phone call from my good friend, Dale. She called early in the morning, her voice rather hesitant. She wondered how I was. Fine!  More hesitancy. Finally I had to ask what seemed to be the matter.  She remembered that we have a son and family living in Asia and couldn't be sure if it was Japan. I told her they were in Singapore. Then she gave me the news of the earthquake in Japan. 

Watching little TV, I was UNAWARE...totally UNAWARE of such a horrible disaster.  How could I not sense something like this happening.  I am no longer 'unaware.'

One month ago we were twice in the Nakita Airport, an enormous international, hub airport in Japan. It was clean, open spaced, pleasant.  I took photos, visited the shops before our next flight to Singapore. I purchased cards of happy people doing everyday things.

And now the airport is shut down. I won't belabor the point. 

So what can the average citizen of the world do to help?

I did some searching and located some sites and other postings.  I want to share what I found.

For inquiries/ American citizens living in Japan:  
U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizens Services at +1.888.407.4747 or +1.202.647.5225

For inquiries/UK citizens living in Japan:
UK Foreign Office Helpline number at +44(0) 20.7008.000 or 

American Red Cross:
To donate US$ 10 to the American Red Cross,  text REDCROSS to 90999 to help Japan.

Canadian Red Cross:
To donate for Japan Earthquake Relief, click here.

Global Giving:
To donate to the Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, click here.

Good Will:   Good Will 

 Salvation Army:
To donate US$ 10 for earthquake relief, text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 or visit

Doctors Without Borders/M├ędecins Sans Frontieres:
Click here to donate.

Network for Good:
Click here to donate.  This website will link you to many other websites.

When you hit the 'click here' phrase, a long line will pop up. Click on the main name of the website and you will go directly to that site.

Please feel free to copy and send this posting to all that you know.  Add your own information. And may the WORLD'S people be generous, when generosity is needed in so many places on this Earth.

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  1. Thank you for this list of support agencies. Our hearts are all with those people in Japan!


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