Time Marching By

"It is not enough to stay busy. So, too, are the ants.
The question is what you are busy about."
Henry David Thoreau

It is the middle of March. March. An appropriate name for how life seems to March by.
Where did January and February go?

Did I live like a dizzy ant scurrying in circles?

Time has certainly Marched by.

What I seek is balance. Balance that allows me to live in a state of soulful grace. It is not easy. Clearly it is up to me and me alone to clear the clutter from my path.
And yet I reflect. What would I remove?

January was spent absorbing, learning; spiritually growing as we traveled through Cambodia, India and Singapore. I realized that I loved the MOST who had the LEAST.

The beautiful people who live in the floating villages of the Tonle Sap River.

Their entire lives are spent on the river and lake. There you find a floating market, church and school. The children float in their twirling dented tin pans, like silver minnows dancing about.
The women, weathered-chafing hands extended, hoping for an American dollar. One lucky dollar will buy rice for dinner.
This is a nation recovering from a devastating genocide. The marks are still there, daily reminders of the destructive power of evil.
But the people are resilient. Happy. Productive.

An orphanage outside of Siem Reap. There are one too many orphanages.
The children are shy at first, eventually huge smiles warm up when they share their art.
Art is an universal language. It breaks down barriers and opens doors.

Indian school girls dressed in cornflower blue uniforms, taking a break from their studies. They share the open meadows with lazy, caramel colored cows and lemon drop hued flowers.

Bring your camera out, they become fascinated and eager to have their photos taken. Of course they giggle and are delighted to see their photo on your camera screen.

Then there are more GIGGLES and SILLIES.

As I sit here writing, I wonder what this beautiful girl is doing today. Is she happy? Did she learn something new? Did she play games with her school mates?  How is her English doing? She is one of the fortunate children receiving an education.

Exploring Singapore with our Four Little Muggers....few stones were left unturned....few ice cream parlors missed....hours of play, parks and painting.

By February we returned to the states. Our daughter and husband, immediately left to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary....in Singapore. Grandma Cathy and Grammy Shar Shar spent several weeks "mothering and loving" the Funny Bunnies.

And time kept Marching on.

Our son who lives in Utah, came for a five day visit, which led to our driving to the eastern side of North Carolina to visit our daughter and husband.

When families are together who are normally states apart, the time visiting is precious and does MARCH by quickly.

Life is more than travel. It has its peaks and valleys. And so I search for balance. How will time play out through the coming spring months.

I have missed not having time to paint. To get back to yoga. To read.

Two paintings are now started. Pages are done in my Art Journal.
I can feel that some balance, some equilibrium is pulling me in, like the tightrope walker who reaches the end of the rope and with relief steps onto the platform.

I will always be the busy ant, but hopefully not running in circles.


  1. Sounds like a full and busy life. I think we're all trying to find that elusive balance!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and photos. I learn, I enjoy and I marvel at the way you express your thoughts! I am envious of the the way your mind processes thoughts into beautiful sentences that make a person feel.


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