Painting for Children

Four years ago I was doing a great deal of canvas painting for children. I loved thinking of children having the opportunity to have fun, original art work for their own rooms.  These paintings sold well at boutique shows, art shows, etc.   I contacted a licensing company, Oopsy Daisy and submitted some photos. That started a very lovely relationship with a company who shared a similar philosophy as mine, creating art for the "interior walls of a child's mind."

When we moved from Maryland I knew I would most likely not be doing more art shows or boutique shows and slowly stopped painting for children. Occasionally I  receive a request for something specific, like one month ago when a lovely mom wrote asking if I would do two paintings for her daughter, whom she was creating a beautiful room for. She was wanting original artwork for the walls. I was happy to comply. We decided upon two themes.  At first it was difficult to get back into the mindset of creating for a child, but once the design was set, the paint flowed. It was so much fun.

For privacy reasons I am not showing what was created for her daughter, but thought you might like seeing some of my favorites over the years. And also two that I still have in my home and am offering for sale.

I have two paintings left. Indian Princess and Get Along Little Cowboy are a bit lonely, having their companions tucked away in an other child's home. These two paintings are looking for their own unique place in a child's heart. They are now available for sale on this blog.  Being the last in a whole caboodle of paintings their original price is reduced. 

Indian Princess
18 x 18
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.
Was 300.00 now 150.00 Free Shipping

Get Along Little Cowboy
18 x 18 
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
Was 300.00 now 150.00.  Free shipping.

If you are interested in a commissioned painting please feel free to contact me. 

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  1. Such lovely children's paintings. Love the soft whimsy and color!


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