A Radish a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Now radishes have not been my favorite vegetable. Loved the various colors, texture and the bright green leaves, but eating them, I remained uncommitted. Radishes USED TO BE a staple in our lettuce salads. However they have been replaced with sugared almonds, Craisins, fresh strawberries or blueberries...hmm,  I see a bit of a sugar connection.

Then I ran across a very intriguing  recipe, conceived and beautifully photographed by Helene Dujardin, Turkey, Brie and Roasted Radish panini sandwiches!!!! You will find it here on a fabulous website Tarteletteblog.  Helene's photographs alone changed my mind about the humble radish!  

Once again thinking Provence (HMMM does one buy radishes in southern France?) I headed to our local fruit and vegetable market, purchased the freshest, most colorful to be found. Later I wrapped them in faux-French newspaper and pretended I was sketching in the sunny warmth of Arles. 

Start with a light pencil sketch. Lightly outline around sketch in thin, waterproof marker. (Micron) Try to be uneven, sketchy, curvy and disconnected.
Next an underlying color wash with thinned watercolor. Vary colors on each radish, and radishes next to one another.
Wash shades of gray, magenta and blue on the faux newspaper. Leave some white of the paper showing. I used a waterbrush.
My favorite part is going back and intensifying colors, adding new color over previous color and really mixing it up. Time to dribble in a bit of dark blue for shadow.
Shadows were placed on the French cloth under the bouquet of radishes. Re-ink for strength, texture and interest. Really can't wait to create this sandwich....Helene's blog is worth a visit if you love to cook and love gorgeous photographs. I just purchased her  new book, Plate to Pixel the art of food photography. Not into food photography, you can apply her very accessible techniques and information to other photography genres. I am half way through reading her book and have learned so much.

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  1. Oh how I wish I could take some more painting classes from you! I loved all those evenings in the basement classes with lots of chatting and laughing and attempts to paint something lovely but never ever nearly as lovely as what our teacher demonstrated! :)


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