Testing the Colors

You might say she has gone Abstract.  You might say she can't imagine anything to paint. You might say she is doodling around
out of boredom.

None of the above.
Basically most of my work is in Oil, Acrylic, Oil Stick and  Gouache. These are my main standbys my painting buddies. 

But lurking in the back of my mind has been the desire to try TUBE watercolor. 

"Oh, no the most difficult of all mediums to use," my inner critic wailed and moaned.

I pretty much listen to my "inner critic" who calls the shots.

I kept lingering over the myriad of wonderful water color sketch books, blogs, magazines, children's books, galleries and artwork of friends...

"Watercolor is just too expensive, those elegant sable bushes, tubes of color, special palettes, and 300 lb paper," she nagged on.

A compromise was in order as I was planning on sneaking around my inner critic.

I would work slowly, very slowly into purchasing a few tube watercolors. But they couldn't be any ordinary colors, no there had to be a punch and a wallop to them.

Taking a long hard look at my pan watercolor swatches, the question was: what is missing. Nothing wrong with my pan watercolors, but where was the Wow Effect?


Daniel Smith, Quinacridone Watercolors...eleven glorious, punchy, wowed, glorious over the top hues.

A fairly pale,  nondescript watermelon sketch was the test...just how much zip could I put in that red watermelon.  Rose, Red, Fuchsia did just the trick!

Next was to create an entirely new painting with a minimum of pan watercolor.  Off to my photographs for inspiration. I found two that appealed to me on several levels: color, styling, size, texture.

The Muse was set, the I.C. silenced and 

Rougeatre Aubergine makes its debut. 

Matted in an 11 x 14 white mat, is this 5 x 7
watercolor--Rougeatre Aubergine.
Available through Paypal, complimentary shipping. 



  1. IT is wonderful! I hope you can hear my cheering from many miles away. Silence that inner critic and paint your beautiful paintings. Lovely, lovely work!

  2. LOVE your entry, so interesting! LOVE the colors! what ever you do will be fabulous as always!!
    xx Susan

  3. Love the colors..and love how you've challenged yourself to experiment and play with 'new'. So inspiring!

  4. love the experimenting and the swatch of quinacrodine colours.

    Thanks also for the comments on my work on Four Go Paintng in Provence.

  5. Oh my, these are so wonderful. I'm glad you're into watercolor. I'm loving your work.


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