A Passion for Re-arrangement

One day my mother came into my tiny bedroom to find me once AGAIN rearranging  my meager hand-me-down furniture and book collection! She plunked me down on the twin bed and with a scowl on her face, vivid words poured out, "Sharon, people who are constantly moving their furniture are basically insecure!!!!!"

A little comment I remember well.  And maybe there is some truth to it.

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to rearrange furniture. We have been in our home for 12 months and I have explored every possible 'which way' to move the furniture around. Hubby always tripping over the latest "rearrangement."

2.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to rearrange books, like pieces of precious art. Every room has a special spot to display books, some are funky, others unusual like my Bible stand from a Catholic church.

3.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE  journals, some of which are forlorn and neglected, holding but  random paragraphs,while others are falling apart from use; some books are yellowing from age, others cutesy or sophisticated. They are all "part of the history gang." It is important for the journals to "strut their stuff!"

4.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to rearrange my blog and website. But this you have probably figured out. Like today's new font. Do you like it? the color? If Blogger comes up with a neat font, I try it out. Next is experimenting with a myriad of colors. It is enough to make one dizzy or really wonder, "Was her mother right?"  I do quite like today's font, it is fun to "mix it up" a bit.

5.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read  blogs. In fact it is becoming rather addictive, like not being able to stop eating Peanut M & M's. Never met a Peanut M & M I didn't swallow!  Lets see, I LOVE blogs about food, cooking, photography, photoshop, painting, books, art tutorials,there is barely a blog or website I don't like.
(Right now I have to give a humble thank you to my aging computer for hanging in there with me when IT would rather be asleep.)
This all leads me to sharing with you my friends a BRAND NEW BLOG.

If you look to the right of this post, you will see a sign for ARTSEE BLOGGERS. It is created by the marvelous and talented Geri Centonze

 The very energetic, multi-talented Geri has created a space where YOU can visit the blog sites of hundreds of artists at one time; one-at-a-time. Better yet, if you write a regularly posted blog and create art in any number of  mediums, you too can be a part of this. And it is all a GIFT from GERI!

I know you will enjoy visiting Geri's regular blog,  My Heart Art by Geri. You might consider getting a drink of something delicious, putting the kiddies to bed, then spending the next hour or so delightfully following all of her wonderful nooks and crannies of blogger delights. In addition to her lovely art work, Geri is a self-proclaimed  GEEK GIRL. She generously shares tutorials on all sorts of Geeky things...I am working my way through her offerings. Like a kid in a candy shop, I want to try this and this and this.....okay, I will settle for the Peanut M & M's.  See you in a day or two! meanwhile enjoy Artsee Bloggers and see if you can find me there. 


  1. You're too kind Sharon! Thanks for the mention - I really want to spend more time browsing your blog - your work is gorgeous!!!

  2. Love Geri and wonderful post about her new site. I like how you wrote about your passion for rearrangement to introduce it - we got to know you too!!

  3. is there anything sweeter than preparing a thoughtful meal...and sharing it?
    so true with our postings. we whip together a repast so rich and layered that becomes most delicious when shared.
    it is an act of generosity and abundance when one sings the praises of others.
    thank you for your passion of moving things around...finding their rightful place, best light, deeper meaning. thank you for serving up a generous helping of geri centonze.

    you have started my day with light, love and possibilities.
    thank you!

  4. I love love love you! And I miss you too much. And I want that plate of delicious food. I need to get more into my blog again. MAx goes to kindergarten this year and I am crossing my fingers for a little more me time. I love the font. I have no idea how to do that! How did you figure it out?


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