The RED, the WHITE and the BLUE

America-the  Fourth of July

Flags are present in all nations. The design and colors represent the values of its people. 
In America we, also, fly our flag with pride. 

Flags of every size, but always RED WHITE BLUE

Flags are found in the usual and not so usual places. 

People across America choose to fly flags out of respect for our history, government, Declaration of Independence, freedoms fought for America and elsewhere, lives lost in the cause for that freedom and gratitude for our government as set forth on July 4, 1776.

Late afternoon this little charmer of good fortune, a Lady Bug landed in our lives. May she bring Peace to the hearts of those through out the World. May each countries' Citizens have the freedom to display with Pride the Flag of their Nation.

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  1. Beautiful post!! I finally have some time to catch up on blogs and what a treat that you have some new posts.


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