What the Postlady Brought to the Door

 A postwoman/lady faithfully delivers the mail to our home. She is chipper and smiling, winter, spring, summer or fall. She even recognizes me when I am at the post office!!! 

Sometimes she comes to the door with a package, like today.

And it wasn't from Amazon!!!

Work through the tightly taped box,  push aside the Styrofoam popcorn!
Delightful Surprise!
Nestled in the bottom is a rose tissue, wrapped package tied in a lime green bow.
This is definitely a time to pull the camera out.

A lovely note card was attached. Time to untie the ribbon, loosen the tissue paper.


Art with a Heart 

  Susan Jenkins  my wonderful on-line friend from  California, sent this beautiful, piece of piqueassiette work, titled Della Robia.  She hand cuts each individual piece of ceramic to create the shape of a heart. She has an amazing eye for design and placement.  Her colors are soft and clear. You can be a recipient  of a beautiful ceramic heart. Mine is now hanging in my office, to the left of my computer. 

Susan has pieces for sell on her Etzy shop. Follow her link and you won't be disappointed. (click on her name in green)

Susan is talented in so many areas. She is an amazing, very talented oil painter with gallery representation. If you see something on her website you can contact her for more information. 

And there is more....

Susan is a skilled and talented seamstress. Scroll down her blog to see her one-of-a-kind purses. Each purse/tote incorporates specially selected fabrics that coordinate with a piece of hand painted canvas. It all flows together seamlessly. 

Her purses fly out of her shop....maybe someday one will fly into my mailbox!

A trip to Susan's website/blog is worth your while. Few artists create in so many mediums, so well. 

This little posting will be a total surprise for her, like my package in the mail...so happy to let others know of her charm, friendliness, and multitude of talents.

In fact today as I put this post up, she has a painting of a dog running in the waves...beautiful!


  1. Sharon! Thank you so, so much for your generous and beautifully written post! I am just thrilled that you love your heart! You are so talented and you know I just love your paintings so much.

    Thank you again, I'm so touched.

    Love, Susan

  2. Sharon, you really have a beautifully descriptive way with words. The heart is lovely and I'm heading over to Susan's
    site right now. I'll have to invite here to join artsee as I don't recall her linking in yet.


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