52 Weeks: Things You May Not Know About Me

This is a rather uncomfortable list 
much prefer to know about YOU!!
The briefest posting I have ever made!!!

Would love to hear from you...what is something no one knows about you, unless of course, they are someone very dear who knows your heart.

 52 Weeks, 52 Lists presented by  Get the Words Out
Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Darling illustration and i love all of your paintings as always, beautiful blog Sharon!!
    (there is not much people don't know about me) hahahahaha!

    xx Susan

  2. Loved your list - funny how we have a hard time "bragging" about ourselves but ask any 3 year old and they'll be happy to tell you!

  3. love this post and am pleased to share that i know all these things about wonderful YOU!!!

  4. Great list! Thanks for sharing... now for something about me - My heart is so soft that I often cry when reading the newspaper or watching the news, so I tend to stay away from the news .... and on a lighter note, I don't really like ice cream, but can't resist a package of chips (so I never have them in the house!)

  5. very interesting idea for your list this week! love it!

  6. such a pretty list you have here!


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