Did She or Didn't She Sketch in NYC?

A very happy Monday to you. 
I love Monday after a very full weekend. It is an open ended gift.
 I hope your day and week ahead are just what you need for your own growth, contentment and happiness.

We had two enormous rain falls this weekend. The parched ground is sloshy-soggy with water, the birds are flitting everywhere, the bird-feeders sticky with mushy seeds and my once sad drooping sunflowers...(even though just a few)...some are lifting their heads as proud survivors of our high temps!

To get off to a good day, I thought I would go back to last week's question: did Sharon with the Big Mama camera chafing her neck, soles sticking to the NYC cement walks, manage to sketch, even a wee bit.

 Our first morning in NYC we wanted to walk to Rockefeller Center, but we were starving and on the prowl for breakfast, when  this cute sign and all the bikes caught my eye:
We quickly crossed the street jaywalking style, while attempting to take a picture on the run.

Toasties don't you love the name!  
It turned out to be a New York style deli. Deli's are always great food experiences, and love the people who frequent them.
Of course we were looking for breakfast and I settled on

this amazing CORN (as in kernals) and BLUEBERRY muffin accompanied by Hot  Chocolate. 
Are you out of your mind, hot chocolate during this stifling heat?

We went to a back corner of the nearly empty deli, and pulled out our sketchbooks.

A double spread in Moleskin notebook.


Yes, indeed managed to start a sketch of a very delicious muffin, did drink the hot chocolate, but as one can see the rest of the day 
the search for 'drinkables' was on.

More NYC sketches to come. 
Have a terrific, smile-producing Monday.



  1. I can't think of a better way to spend the day in NYC. Well, except for the fact that I can't sketch. I would just take photos of you sketching the bottles.

  2. i am home from my monday ritual and have made you my first stop and i have found a perfect welcome here!

    thank you for sharing the beauty of your eyes and hands filtering through your optimistic and caring heart.
    i love your marking of passages in life through drawing, truly observing...and washing the memory in colour for life.

    thank you for brightening mine.

  3. Hi Sharon
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your watercolour sketches! and I love the pink farmhouse painting below. I do so need to find some sketching time, yours are so inspiring. Thanks for your comments on my blog as well, and yes it has been so very nice to find such wonderful talent through the plaster course!

  4. Hi Sharon. Your photography and your art are just wonderful! You are one multi-talented woman.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I'm so glad you stopped by. Happy creating!


  5. There is something about NYC that is just so inspiring. Love how you've captured your impressions in your moleskine. So perfect!


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