Texture Tuesdays: Orange

To enhance one's well being it helps to:
taste the earth's bounties
straight from the garden.
to take little side trips
out to the countryside.
to snap the corn, the pumpkins
the tomatoes, the apples
straight from their stem.
to walk briskly in the cool air
to breathe in the autumnal landscape.

Our theme this week with Kim Klassen is ORANGE

The paintings are from an autumn art show in the Maryland countryside.
Click to enlarge image

The last texture is just for FUN. 

Feel free to copy and use for personal use.

On Texture Tuesday over on my photography blog, I take you on a journey to St. Remy-de-Provence and the asylum where Vincent van Gogh spent some time and painted many of his best paintings.


  1. i am falling for orange in a huge and heart lifting way!
    it is happy the way red is impassioned.
    it is playful and bright and a scale of happiness just higher then yellow.
    thank you for brightness and pumpkins and all things bright and beautiful!

  2. As we slide into September...and autumn is feeling not so far away - these 'orange-colors' are perfect. Lovely!!!


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