Take Joy Thursdays or Any Day

Recently bouncing around in the blogosphere I ran across

Meri's Musings

Each Thursday she suggests something that might bring us JOY!

  Joy reaches into all the nooks and crannies of life. One only needs eyes and hearts to discover.  
Joy is always somewhere!!

Two "Funny Bunny" faces who bring JOY into my heart and life.

Take Joy in your Day!


  1. So sorry ---- I missed this last week! Your funny bunnies warm my heart. A perfect example of sharing joy.

  2. What joyous image!! Yes - spread the joy!!!

  3. dear one,
    so much cherishing, so much gratitude, all seeds of joy! so wonderful to see these beautiful faces that fill your heart with unbridled love.

    home, in the throws of re-entry.
    i carried you with me in the form of a book, thank you for such an incredible gift which i am slowly savoring. i will take it with me to the infusion center tomorrow and it will transform my entire experience, as you do on any given day!


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