Tuesday's Textures: Gratitude

The Paiute Native Americans
share their wisdom with us.

"A hungry stomach makes a short prayer."

All over the world, including here in America there are
too many short prayers
too many who go without food.

There are many ways to gather our food,
farmer markets,
help/donation centers

Or none of the above.

Travel has broadened my perspective of what it means 
to feed a family,
to see smiling faces with growling bellies,
how foods are grown
with or without machinery,
what it means to
toil in the fields.

for what we have.

Please feel free to print this texturized

Today I used Kim Klassen's, free textures:
KK Corrugated Crack
KK Framed White
Levels, saturation adjustment.

Thank you Kim. 
Thank you to those in the world who provide
food for the rest of us.


  1. Sharon,
    We just returned from a trip to the grocery store - a weekly visit which takes very little from us in terms of effort. And for another week, our needs are satisfied.

    Thank you for the reminder that such is not the case for so many. A lesson in gratitude.

    Beautiful painting.

  2. This is a beautiful painting and wonderful post and reminder of what we need to have gratitude for. Big hugs! I'll be printing out this painting too =)

  3. Nice use of texture, we are truly blessed in this country. Wonderful message and unfortunatly I believe things will be getting harder for all of us.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your wonderful words. The helped more than you know. I love your picture and the awareness created with your words. We are very lucky in this country and we should never forget it. Well done.


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