The Color of Courage

normally i love to post to meri's musings
sharing jOy.
i spent hours thinking about what brought me jOy this week.
it was very very difficult.
i know that travel brings me 
but my heart wasn't there.

our granddaughter, emily is what brings me 
jOy this day and always.
emily is in the hospital with a chronic condition,
her teen years spent in the
peaks and valleys
of severe pain.

emily is the color of courage ~
she strives to relieve the worries of her
parents, family, friends and those who care for her~
emily shares a beautiful smile and  open heart~
emily is filled to overflowing with compassion 
and love for others~
she is a cheerleader for those who can do the things she can not~
she is an example to the many who are also overwhelmed in their lives~
emily is the most courageous young woman i know~
a book could be written on 
 the way she lives her life
under challenging circumstances~

my jOy
is emily and the gift she is in our lives.

Heart Thought: a  prayer for this very special granddaughter and the challenges she faces day to day.


  1. Sending you, your family Emily all my light, love, thoughts, prayers and meditations.

    May you all find JOY


  2. sending a heart overflowing
    with warm thoughts and prayers
    the light is shining
    through your Emily...

    xox - eb.

  3. Sending you and yours, warmth and light. May you find joy in being.

  4. Sending lots of love. What a beautiful and courageous girl. I'm sorry she has to go through so much.

  5. From my heart to Emily and your family - many thoughts and prayers
    blessings - Kim

  6. Sending Emily all the hugs and love she can handle. Some situations seem so unfair. . .

  7. Lifting your beautiful granddaughter up in prayer tonight. I'll also send her photo to my friend in NJ who has a prayer board and prays daily with a large group of friends. Big hugs to you and yours.

  8. Sharon - it is so difficult when a loved one is suffering and there is nothing you can do to alleviate their pain. Sending you and Emily healing hugs! She sounds indeed like the definition of courage.

  9. Sharon - when I look into the face of Emily and see your description of her life, I can only speculate that she was sent to you and others to show the strength God can place in a vessel no matter their age. Her compassion for others in spite of her circumstances asks others to examine our lives to see how our small challenges measure up to the circumstances this brave young lady faces day and year after year....pretty hard act to follow. Will certainly be praying.

  10. heart goes out to your beautiful brave granddaughter. Sending warm wishes and hope.


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