Skipping through the First

Tell me it isn't so. Today, the 4th !!!!
i flipped my calendar over....where had  four days gone.  January can't just evaporate!!? i wasn't ready to leave January yet. Now it feels like half the year is over.

Did you feel this way?

Holding myself accountable, i thought where have i been: 
certainly not writing blogs....
certainly not cooking fab meals....
certainly not dusting or sweeping....
certainly not having a social life....

Now i remember: 
One night i woke up and had this desire to paint on canvas again...the ideas flooded my dead-to-the-world-head 
( of course i forget most of them by morning). When fully awake all i knew was that i needed to head for the easel. 

This is what i did February 1st:
i took my muffin tin of old acrylic paint out of the frig.  i should have charged it rent it had been hoggin' space for much too long.
Grabbing a piece of canvas i began scooping up huge gobs of color and spreading/smearing it all over the canvas.
Gosh this was fun! 
Adult Finger Painting 101

Here are a few of my canvases i smothered with paint with no thought to what i was doing.....bonus: no more paint in the frig.

It didn't take me four days to create this color-chaos....!!!  In a day or two i will share with you the transformation of "muffin tin paint" into hmmm, something quite different. Stay tuned.

Heart Thought: how many times do we really let go and do something crazy--like our kids or husband would look at us and really wonder? Give it a try. Sure puts a smile on the face.
     So here is to crazy-daisy moments: Sharon


  1. I never do this, but you make me want to. Love you "color chaos" and can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Wow, very creative, I wonder what the final result will be of the swirly colorful beginning? I can hardly wait!

  3. What freedom and abandon, your finger painting! Love it and can't wait to see what you do with these odes to color.

  4. Sharon, you are everywhere and your work is just as fine as ever. Good collage.

  5. this is exactly how we began painting in flora's bloom true workshop, minus the fridge part!


  6. Love this!! Definitely something I should try once in awhile..just making a one big colorful creative mess.

  7. ablaze with color you are!
    love your process - but of course - love the valentine muffin tin too
    - did you wash it!?!

    xox - eb.

  8. i enjoy this
    Letting Go Art
    so much
    i am smiling


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