Abstract--Chinese Dragons, Oh, NO!

When I was a little girl with pigtails and flyaway bangs, digging my way to China in the vegetable garden, little could I have known (or was it a premonition of things to come) that I would someday visit Asian countries and absorb so many "flavors" of their culture.

When I was a little girl wearing knee worn denim coveralls and dusty shoes, skipping rope, know that I would someday stand face to face with enormous, hissing dragons that slithered about the street. 

When I was a little girl whose world consisted of barns, sliver-prone fences, skipping stones in irrigation ditches know that one day I would stand under an enormous tree in Hong Kong  tossing oranges for Good Luck?
When I was a little girl, my imagination was second to none, but the time came when imagination became reality.

Which leads me to a different type of imagination....the art of manipulating photographs, changing their reality.
At Photo Art Fridays we were given the challenge to create an abstract with a photograph. 
No digging in the family garden...no this meant going to China to get the real experience...and so it is with abstraction.

In homage to Chinese New Year---two abstracts

This brought out the artist in me!
Dragon paper doll.

Don't even ask me how I got from the photo below to those above. 
But I did use Bonnie's textures:  Dropped Petals, Technicolor, Fool's Gold. It was lots of fun even if I can't repeat it.

original (a bit boring)

Drop in at Bonnie's blog to see this week's abstract photographs. There will be plenty of imagination to go around.

Just a reminder that this is the last day to post a hello in the comments to participate in the Painting Gift Away.

The winner will be announced on Monday. Wish I had a painting for everyone who is joining me.  

And now I think it is time to order Chinese Take Out and start celebrating the Year of the Snake....


  1. Ah, you combined the New Year AND Abstract....you smart girl!

    How fun your final piece came out....great colors! The texture you achieved certainly adds more interest to the 'original' photo, too.

    Isn't it fun to see how all the additions come together to create unique art?

    Thanks for the visit, too.

    Happy weekend.

  2. beautifully done. I like your "when I was a little girl" stories too!

  3. coolish -- it look like worn out and faded painted wood art --- it's rocks!!! And colorful - I like it very much!!!

  4. HaHa, What Fun! Love the vibrant colours, I'd forgotten all about Chinese New Year!

    Super piece of photo art, really like how you used the textures.

  5. How fun that your childhood imagings have come true. Love your dragon abstracts - isn't it fun to create like this? You never know what the results will be.

  6. Oh, my...Dragon! Those were the perfect finale to tonight's session for me! I love those chinese dragons, and I LOVE what you've done here!
    Sometimes you don't need to know the process; it's enough to be allowed to enjoy the results... thank you! :)

  7. Sharon, what a beautiful blast of color and images.

  8. Sounds as if your reality has been fascinating. Little girl dreams come true. Lovely abstracts!

  9. I really do love your work here! So expressive and rich in colour and texture. I like the complexity too. Happy Lunar New Year!

  10. Wow - what dramatic pieces of abstract art! I just love the one with Chinese New Year written on it.

  11. These were fabulous. First I must say those Dragons in the photo's were awesome. I also like your PAF pieces. So bold, vibrant and just a delight.

  12. Your processing is beautiful - I love what you did with both images! How wonderful that your childhood gave you such travel opportunities - I was the same way as a military brat. I would love to visit China one day! Your blog is lovely.

  13. so amazing and telling, Sharon!! I love the feeling you've taken and wrapped into the process. that is one of the things I most enJOY about digital fiddling is the stories that go through my head as I fiddle. it is similar to when I am painting with paper [and paint, though I tend to concentrate more with paint on my brush] and somehow that "story in my head" finds its way through my art.

    then of course there are the words and the stories they invite.

    so lovely, really.

  14. Very creativt and fun. Thanks for your comments.

  15. Very creativt and fun. Thanks for your comments.

  16. Your pieces are so colourful and creative I really love them.


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