Electronic Gadgets and Blogs?????

How do you feel about electronic "gadgets" and "accessories"?For some silly reason I love them all...rather a tempestuous relationship at best, but they are a welcome part of my daily life and can often be non-productive! With that said, I finally found a great keyboard for my tablet that I am getting used to...Sure makes writing easier, even if I have to correct every ten words!!! So this morning, yes it is dark outside, and it rained all night....you would think I would sleep in a bit, but no I was jolted awake with a burst of energy to try writing a blog....again....on my tablet and new keyboard. Experimenting to see if it is possible to really post and travel at the same time.

Have to keep the subject simple....so I thought I would share some waning summer photos I took a few days ago of two Funny Bunnies who discovered the neighbor's sprinklers. Big Funny Bunny led the exploration up the hill to the beckoning sprinklers that were spurting more than showering; along follows Baby Funny Bunny who thinks she is about two years older than she is.

Now this is living in the moment...wouldn't it be fun to be YOUNG again and have nothing more to do than SIT on a SPRINKLER and cool off?

Well that wasn't too bad, getting better at the keyboard. What does it look like on your end of things?

Remember to:
Take Joy in the Day, Sharon

Belkin case with bluetooth technology. Wow these have improved. Using Blogger on tablet.

The Last Vestiges of Summer

One day it is sweatband HOT
One day it is cashmere COOL
One day the geraniums burst with red ruffles and hummer bees
One day they wither like aged skin 

Leaves saunter to drying grass, fragile silhouettes of parchment
Obese spiders frenetically spin geometric-webs
Freezers laboriously hum heavily packed with frost glazed ice cream treats

Walking about, reaffirms that the long, humid days are closing like  wooden blinds with oblique rays of dusk.

Please don't run away so soon....I love a
Lazy  Daisy Summer.