Finding Your Way Through Art and Photos

A few posts ago I mentioned taking a workshop with Marie Otero. For two mornings our hearty group walked the streets of Charlotte.  We would reconvene in the afternoon and work on converting our photos into Black and White images.
Being a poser of questions,  on our return, I would smile and ask, "How many shots did ya'll (my "un-authentic" southern accent) take this morning?"
We were always up in the 300-400 range.  
Have you ever thought how many photographs you take in say six months?
Or if you are an artist, how many sketches and paintings you work on in six months?
The numbers can be staggering, especially in digital photography.

This afternoon I decided to FIND some blogs I really enjoyed a long time ago. (I have neglected some really lovely blogs.) Long story short: several blogs featured mosaics dedicated to color  or subject schemes. 
I haven't done mosaics for ages so decided to scoot through as many of my photos on my hard drive as I could and FIND my favorite color combination:

Oops, how did I put mosaics together many months ago? Next came FINDING my way to some old programs and stumbled across Pic Monkey.
So Monkey and I and a handful of blue and yellow themed photos and artwork had a super time.

It won't be long before I do this again. It is just too much fun.
Also Pic Monkey has improved 100% over the last time I used it.
Give it a try, when you have a few minutes....(click on name)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sharon. I like blue and yellow too but I don't think I would find much among my photos. Maybe I'll go look and see. You've inspired me!

  2. What happy fun! Blue and yellow is such a cheery combination. Your mosaic is quite lovely.

  3. I love this collage you created - great colors and images. What fun!

  4. Your mosaic is beautiful, so bright and cheerful. I doubt I could do one like it - I doubt I could find photos so colorful in my archives. I tend to be more of a pastel person!


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