Rejoice for All

The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small too little; nor the great too big; for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions.       Lao-Tse

You can count the seeds in an apple, however, you can not count the apples in the seed.

Rejoice for All are important, man, woman and child; animal, fish, insect and bird; day and night; sunrise and sunset; mighty evergreens and dandelion pillows....may we All together cultivate a season of Peace and Harmony.

Thank you, my many friends, those in my neighborhood, community and about the world, for joining me on my journey. 
I do not post regularly, but I do love sharing with you. 
It adds a lovely dimension to my life.
I feel a connection with you, which is paramount to Peace and Stability.

Blessings towards All wherever their Journey 
might lead them.

smiles: sharon

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  1. And coming here is always inspiring! Wishing you and yours a 2014 filled with creativity and joy!


Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you take to say hello. Warmly, Sharon