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Occasionally I treat myself to an online class. Without a doubt, the courses taught by the very talented Misty Mawn have been my favorites.  
She gives 1,000% of her time, talent and knowledge to teach in a very approachable way her form of art.
Personally, I have learned a great deal from her classes.  She shares her research, expertise, pdfs, links to further information and high quality videos. Misty is professional, and at the same time approachable and warm.
I rarely suggest classes on my blog, but with a new year approaching, I would like to
"pass along" information on great stores, teachers, and subjects you might be interested in.
I will start with Misty Mawn
 I have taken the liberty of sharing her written explanation.
Like any journey the concept of coming full circle can at times feel a bit daunting, but like most journeys it's not so much about the destination as it is the experience had along the way.  A full circle approach to creativity involves drawing from one's experiences, dreams,  and inspirations in life to add richness to the work that is to be created.   Gathering whatever we can along the way, filling our circles, and filling ourselves with feelings of great fulfillment.  That is what I hope to offer to you during this course.  A safe place to learn, create, gather, share, and expand as an artist and person.  

During the course there will be 3 new posts each week,  one on Journaling, another on iphoneography*/writing, and another on Fine Art. Each week video demonstrations, written instruction, assignments, inspiration links, a new music playlist, and other random bits will be shared to encourage and inspire you.  Being that it is a 12 week course the content will be stretched out, allowing more time to devour each lesson before the next is posted.  
*{If you do not have an iphone any digital camera will work just fine}

I will be focusing on a variety of ideas, themes, mediums, and projects for this workshop.  From Drawing, to Painting, to Sculpting, to Journaling, to Writing, to iPhoneography and more.  If you have ever taken an online course with me before you know there will be a lot to choose from on this creative voyage.   

If you would like to study with one of the best online instructors I personally have experienced  click on her link describing course below:
To visit her website:
Maybe we will meet up in class.

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