Cherry Fizz Tutorial

My but FISH and TIME flies.....
but on their own terms.
I started several paintings two + months ago
..blame it on the weather!
Finally Cherry Fizz is complete.

Sharing my indecisive painting techniques with a few photos
and descriptions.

36 x 24 Gallery Wrap Canvas, orange tone in acrylic, blue sketch lines.

Experimenting with different colors and shapes, redrawing lines.

Laying down collage papers with mat medium, redrawing-reworking,  blocking in stronger colors. 

Painting over collage papers to diminish strength, bolder lines, stenciled pattern on white cloth. Sorry doesn't show up on photo.

Removing some elements to create more space, tightening the drawing, reworking shadows, tiny bits of gold leaf collage and giving oomph to lace pattern on the table cloth. 
Materials used: acrylic, acrylic inks, stencils, collage, Stablio pencil, completed with acrylic varnish. away fish.....time caught up with both of us.
It is time for you to find a new home.
Available on S Furner Fine Art website. (click)


  1. No matter how many times you do this - I am still fascinated by your creative process and how you get from "here" to "there". Beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! Your work takes my breath away...the colors are always so vibrant. Thank you for showing your process!

  3. Love that you've shared your process of bringing your work to life. Beautiful - as always!!!

  4. I see what you mean by FISH flying! I think of myself as such a pale-pastel person. Why do I love your bright colors and bold artwork so much? Maybe *because* my own is so pastel-ish. They do say opposites attract, right? Anyway, I love this painting, and it's fascinating to be able to watch you do it. Thanks for sharing your process.


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