Grandmother's Venetian Glass and Pink Mints

A short, sweet little sharing.

This beautiful piece of Venetian glass, 
reminds me of a carousel ride. 
But it is far more delicate than a decorated horse spinning round and round.
For as long as I can remember, this candy dish sat on 
Grandmother's coffee wasn't so precious that little hands couldn't lift the  lid and help themselves to her homemade pink mints, a recipe passed down from her pioneer family.
When our family would come for a visit, after a 12 hour drive through the Nevada desert, after hugs and loves, they would race to the coffee table: there was always candy, the hard kind that you can suck on forever, in Grandmother's precious glass dish.
She loved to share her finer things.

Bringing back beautiful memories.

Today one of our sentimental daughters inherited this piece.  Just to look at it brings back the warmth of a grandmother
who took great pride in serving us with her very finest.
And hugging us to pieces!

Posting to Kim Klassen, Friday Finds.  


  1. Simply gorgeous and what wonderful memories are held within.

  2. This is wonderful, Sharon - thank you for sharing such a special memory.

  3. Beautiful memories of a beloved treasure. Great images.


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