In and Out with the Tides

 We found a new beach to visit.
Actually we can't say we "found" it as it is way too big!
Located in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is a lengthy, bustling beach with a boardwalk to keep teens and others happy.
(takes some of the crowds from the beach!)
Two of our kids recently moved near MB and we went to visit them and their pups.  It was quite an adventure.

Doestito exploring the Waccamaw was pretty cold!
She is thinking, "HMMM how can I get away and swim wherever I want to go?"

We met up with interesting weather....cold, blustery winds and rain....interspersed with a few days of blue skies.
Gray days are really a photographer's friend....

We found stashes of seashells, mostly battered and broken by the strong waves...but there is beauty in the imperfect and we brought a  bagful home.

View from our heavily discounted room. Not bad!
In the summer we wouldn't be able to afford to stay here.

 One evening we happened upon hundreds of sleepy seagulls, all facing south....I wondered where they would stay as night was fast approaching.  Maybe this was their bedroom with an ocean view. Imagine sleeping with the lulling sounds of waves rustling the sandy shore.

Never have I seen so many birds holding still...this photo is but 1/5th of them.

One day when the sky was brilliant blue we walked the boardwalk. The rides were being prepared for the approaching busy tourist season. 

Sunrise, Sunset it doesn't matter, it is simply a glorious sight.

One of my favorite childhood rhymes is....
She sells Seashells down by the Seashore

Soon will come a posting of the shells.

Thank you for dropping by. If you have time check out 
Kim's own posting is beautiful !  Worth the visit. 


  1. I love your ferris wheel image, the sky is so blue. The sunset is beautiful too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice to be there without the crowds and enjoy the beach in a different season. Absolutely LOVE the ferris wheel shot - beautiful shapes against that blue, blue sky. And the bird congregation - all looking to the south - that one made me smile.

  3. What a beautiful sight for my eyes...the ocean and the beach. As I look out my window right now, we're in the middle of another snow storm. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos - I visited Myrtle Beach once many years ago and it was a wonderful place. I agree with you that a cloudy day is the best for photo taking!

  4. A few years ago I worked for a company that held their annual sales meeting in Myrtle Beach. Being only a secretary, I didn't get to go, but I sure heard a lot about what a wonderful place it was. I can see from your photos why they all loved it so!


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